Texas Police Chief Association suffers data breach, with sensitive documents and emails published

SC Magazine UK, Dan Raywood, September 02 2011

The Texas Police Chief Association was hacked last night with classified information leaked along with private emails from police. While the website is currently down, with only a message displayed that reads ‘our site is currently offline for maintenance and updates, please check back tomorrow’, Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the attack but a statement did not bear its traditional hallmarks of ‘we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget’. A statement said that the action was ‘in retaliation for the arrests of dozens of alleged Anonymous suspects’. It said: “For every defendant in the Anonymous ‘conspiracy’ we are attacking two top Texas police chiefs, leaking 3GB of their private emails and attachments. Mind you, we don’t expect a sane response. Even a few insults would have been better than the way you cowards hide behind protocol, innuendo and your badge.” It confirmed that it had been ‘lurking’ emails, law enforcement portals, records and reporting systems for more than a month and of the data released, it said that these include several dozen FBI, Border Patrol and counter-terrorism documents classified as ‘law enforcement sensitive’ and ‘for official use only’. http://www.scmagazineuk.com/texas-police-chief-association-suffers-data-breach-with-sensitive-documents-and-emails-published/article/211087/

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