Former Broward School District employee sentenced to five years for teacher ID thefts

Sun-Sentinel, By Jon Burstein, September 30, 2011

A former Broward School District employee was sentenced Friday to a little over five years in federal prison for pilfering teachers’ personal information and selling it to identity thieves. Jasmin Rembert, who spent 10 years in the district’s teacher certification department, was responsible for 42 people statewide having their identity stolen, with crooks racking up about $408,000 in credit card charges. Rembert, 33, had access to the personal information of all certified teachers in Florida as well as all the district’s employees. Rembert, of Miramar, admitted she sold the Social Security numbers and dates of birth of five to 10 people at a time for $100. A U.S. Secret Service special agent testified Friday that he repeatedly watched Rembert leave the Broward School District’s headquarters and meet with a career criminal who was paying her for the names. In addition, Rembert was under surveillance when she drove to Boynton Beach to intercept the mail of a Palm Beach County School District teacher, testified special agent Marc Tugwell. Federal authorities had been tipped that Rembert was going to have a credit card delivered to the house that she had ordered under the teacher’s name. Before her sentencing in Miami federal court, Rembert apologized, acknowledging she had made “a bad decision.” She pleaded guilty in June to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and conspiracy to commit identity theft.,0,6350168.story

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