After a massive security breach – DigiNotar files for bankruptcy

The Tech Herald, By Steve Ragan – September 20 2011

DigiNotar, the Dutch Certificate Authority (CA) that suffered a massive security breach, resulting in nearly 300,000 Iranians being compromised, has filed for bankruptcy. The voluntary petition was granted on Tuesday by a court in The Netherlands.  DigiNotar filed for bankruptcy on Monday, less than 24-hours later the petition was approved. In a statement, DigiNotar’s parent company, Vasco, distanced itself from the security breach, promising to cooperate with the Dutch government during the bankruptcy proceedings.  “Although we are saddened by this action and the circumstances that necessitated it,” said T. Kendall Hunt, VASCO’s Chairman and CEO. “…we plan to cooperate with the Trustee and the Judge to the fullest extent reasonably practicable to bring the affairs of DigiNotar to an appropriate conclusion for its employees and customers. We also plan to cooperate with the Dutch government in its investigation of the person or persons responsible for the attack on DigiNotar. ” In total, 531 fraudulent certificates were issued during the DigiNotar breach, including certificates for Google, Microsoft, MI6, the CIA, TOR, Mossad, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Thawte, VeriSign, and Comodo. A security report compiled by Fox-IT, who is investigating the breach, outlined several instances of lackluster security on DigiNotar’s network, and noted that some 300,000 Iranians were exposed in the incident. “We found that the hackers were active for a longer period of time. They used both known hacker tools as well as software and scripts developed specifically for this task,” the report noted.

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