20,000 Customers, U.S. Employees

eWeek, B: Fahmida Y. Rashid, August 24, 2-11

An admirer of Anonymous acted independently to breach an outsourced provider and steal a customer list with log-in credentials. Many on the list were U.S. government employees. A solo attacker has hacked  into an events management company and obtained sensitive information belonging to 20,000 individuals, many of whom were United States government employees or contractors. The cyber-attacker posted an Excel spreadsheet containing log-in credentials and personal information for 20,000 people obtained from allianceforbiz.com, according to a blog post signed by “Thehacker12” on Aug. 22. Allianceforbiz.com is a professional trade show management company that manages conferences, meetings and trade shows for customers, according to the company Website.The list has been made public on Pastebin and Mediafire and a message posted on Twitter: “20,000 email-passwords had been leaked consisting mostly of US Mill Army, Govern. & corporate giants.”The spreadsheet contains usernames, passwords, email addresses. company name, and also whether the individual works for a government agency, Catalin Cosoi, head of Bitdefender Online Threats Lab, told eWEEK. Identity Finder, a data loss prevention software vendor, ran the file through its software and found 13,322 passwords and 17,590 email addresses in the file. Only 11,358 of the passwords had a username associated with them, Todd Feinman, CEO of Identity Finder, told eWEEK. http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Security/CyberAttacker-Dumps-Logins-for-20000-Customers-US-Employees-340799/

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