Murdoch’s Sun Newspaper Hacked In The Name Of LulzSec

 (*Andrew Herlands quoted)

FBI, meanwhile, arrests 14 ‘Anonymous’ hacker suspects as LulzSec comes out of ‘retirement’

Dark Reading, By Kelly Jackson Higgins, Jul 19, 2011

They’re baaack, although they never really left: The LulzSec spin-off of the hacking group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for a high-profile hack of the website of Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid newspaper “The Sun.” LulzSec also promised to post online emails it stole from News International.  Late yesterday, LulzSec declared via its Twitter account that it had “owned Sun/News of the World,” with the website displaying a phony front page story on The Sun’s website that read, “Media moguls body discovered.” The group also redirected the site’s visitors to its Twitter feed and leaked the mobile phone numbers of three News International officials…..And experts say the busts are likely lower-level participants in Anonymous. “It is likely that the suspected Anonymous members were no more than foot soldiers in the larger Anonymous battle,” says Andrew Herlands, director of security strategy for Application Security Inc. “It’s likely that the people arrested are merely pawns, and while they may be made an example of, their arrest will likely have little to no short term impact on the hacktivist attacks.”

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