Con Artists or software scammers? dont be an idiot

Scareware is deception software. It is also known as “rogue scanner” software or “fraudware”, the purpose of which is to frighten people into purchasing and installing it. Just like any trojan software, scareware deceives unwitting users into double-clicking and installing the product. In the case of scareware, the scam tactic is to display frightening screens of your computer being attacked, and then the scareware will make claims to be the antivirus solution to those attacks.

Scareware and rogue scanners have become a multimillion dollar scam business, and thousands of users fall for this online scam every month. Preying on people’s fear and lack of technical knowledge, scareware products will bilk a person for $19.95, just by displaying a bogus screen of a virus attack.

What Exactly Does a Scareware Screen Look Like?

Scareware scammers use fake versions of virus alerts and other system problem messages. These fake screens are often very convincing, and will fool 80% of the users who seem them. Here is one example of a scareware product called “SystemSecurity”, and how it tries to frighten people with a fake Blue Screen of Death (Ryan Naraine /

Here is another scareware example where a web page pretends to be your Windows Explorer screen (Larry Seltzer /


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